Commemorative Services are held on the 2nd Sunday of June and September of each year. All are welcome.

The McDougall Stoney Mission Church was built in 1875 and stands as the oldest building on the original site in Alberta.

From a very high Foot Hill we gazed on this prospect with admiration and wonder. Within three miles stood the grand old mountain, the wild goat and sheep sporting on its highest summit. At the foot of the hill, and in perfect ignorance of our presence, a band of buffalo were feeding on the richest pasture. To the right of us, and on the north bank of the river, lay the location which we have selected for our new mission. [Reverend George McDougall, May 28, 1873]

Travelling the 1A Highway between Cochrane and Exshaw, you will see a small white church sitting on 40 acres of natural grassland, overlooking the Bow River Valley and the Rocky Mountains. This is the site of Southern Alberta's first settlement, Morleyville.

At its peak, Morlelyville was home to over 200 people.Today a remnant of the settlement is a provincial historic site. The McDougall Stoney Mission Society are stewards of the site.

The mandate of the society is to promote a greater understanding of the story of the Morleyville Settlement and its place in the history of Alberta and Canada through the interpretation of the site to the public.