Commemorative Services are held on the 2nd Sunday of June and September of each year. All are welcome.

About Us

McDougall Church at Morley, Alberta, was built in 1875 by Reverend George McDougall. It had long been the desire of George McDougall to open a mission among the Stoney-Nakoda and Blackfoot people of southern Alberta. Numerous factors had, up to that time, prevented a missionary effort, but by the early 1870s, McDougall felt the time was right. The Morley mission would not only serve the Aboriginal people, but also afford an opportunity to establish a more permanent relationship with the Blackfoot Nation.

Established during a period of discontent among the Aboriginal population, the Morley mission was received with mixed feelings. Many welcomed the arrival of the missionaries, Others among the tribe, however, were less receptive and kept their distance. Today, this historical mission church is a popular stop for photographers.

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About the MSMS Society

Background and History

The Society emerged from the initial rescue of the Historical Church in 1952 by several AOTS (As One That Services) Clubs of Calgary United Churches. The initial name was the McDougall Memorial Church Maintenance and Restoration Society. This was formally established in 1971 by the Presbytery of the United Church of Canada with a mandate to be the stewards of the Site on the Presbytery's behalf. In 1975 the name was changed to the McDougall Stoney Mission Society (MSMS) with the responsibilities of oversight of the restoration, preservation, interpretation and operations of the 43.9 acres of the land east of Morely, Alberta. This Site was the centre of the Morleyville Settlement and includes the first Methodist Church in Southern Alberta. The Site is designated as a Provincial Historic Resource.

Vision Statement

Celebrating the pioneer Mission heritage in Western Canada

Mission Statement

To preserve, maintain and interpret the historic McDougall Church and Mission Sites for the benefit of Albertans and all visitors worldwide, for generations to come.

Stakeholder Vision

To share the exceptional history of the McDougall Stoney Mission, inspiring future generations to follow the path of peace and mutual respect.

Stakeholder Goals

  • Preserve and disseminate the story of the peaceful settlement and brotherhood of white and Native peoples at the historic Moreleyville Settlement between 1873 and 1900.
  • Develop visitor appreciation for the ongoing importance of Morelyville Settlement's historic, cultural and natural resources.